July 31, 2011

Pearl iZUMi Review

Pearl iZUMi is a company that sells workout gear and shoes.  For my review, I was sent the awesome Streak II shoes seen above.  They retail for $110.  My sister's boyfriend works in a store that sells athletic shoes and he said that these are very good shoes.

Here is some information about the Streak II's: The new women's Streak II has been completely overhauled this season to be even faster, lighter and more performance-oriented than ever. With a new lower profile midsole and lightweight upper, the Streak II is light enough for a 5k, but cushioned enough for a marathon. This is your new go-to PR shoe.

Since I am not a runner anymore, I wore these shoes for a Jackie Warner workout DVD.  They are awesome! They are extremely light in weight yet they give you the support that you need.  Often, the bottoms of my feet hurt during or after a workout and that was not the case with these. The shoes run a half size smaller so make sure you note that when ordering.  Also, I love the black and teal colors together. I am a huge fan of these shoes so far and would definitely recommend them!

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  1. ohhh- those shoes look wonderful! I am totally jealous! i would love to have a pair of workout shoes like these!!!

  2. I work out a lot. These look great to try. A bit pricey for me though. Thanks.

  3. These shoes are HOT! Thanks for the great review! I ma a new follower from the Pink Dandy Sunday Hop!


  4. Thanks! They are so comfortable. I wore them on a difficult sand climbing excursion today and they were amazing. I highly recommend them.

  5. They look like pretty neat running shoes!

  6. Hi, found you off a blog hop, newest follower, would love to invite you to follow me :)


    Have a great day!


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