August 22, 2011

Colorful Harvest Review

Colorful Harvest "is a company that develops unique, all natural heirloom seed varieties of vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables that are selected for their taste, nutrition and color such as their Colorful Classics Crudités platter of Rainbow Crunch Carrots and Tri-Color Cauliflower".  For my review, I was sent some Ruby Jewel Red Corn.  I was very excited to try this corn because I had never had any color of corn besides yellow before. 

Here is some information about the red corn: This unique corn is tender, sweet and delicious. It is great on the grill, or roasted; either on the cob, or as kernels shaved into salads, pastas or salsas. It gets its marvelous color straight from traditionally bred, heirloom style seeds. The color is a plant pigment called anthocyanins, part of a family of health friendly molecules called flavinoids.

For dinner the other night, I boiled this corn which unfortunately took away some of the pretty color.  The corn still tasted great and was the sweetest juiciest corn that I had ever had.  Usually, my husband and I put either chili powder, Parmesan cheese, or butter on our corn but both of us agreed that it didn't need it. Next time, we would grill it so that it doesn't lose the color as much. I still have 6 ears of it left and will share it with my family this weekend.

Also, dinner was "use it up" at our house because we were going on vacation. The yellow corn was fresh picked from our garden and so were the tomatoes. In the back is kale and cottage cheese mixed with lime juice. On the left is a quesadilla type thing with cheese, tomatoes, 2 slices of bacon, and salsa. It was a very veggie filled meal and was delicious!

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  1. The corn looks delicious. Thanks for sharing! Have a great vacation.


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