August 31, 2011

Dietetic Internship: WMU Garden

On day two of dietetic internship orientation at WMU, we went to Western's garden which is a new garden that covers 7500 over the WMU area.  The group of interns got to go visit it and make homemade salsa. It was great!
Pretty flowers that are native to West Michigan

 2011 Interns (I'm second from the left) 
and the guy on the far right is the one who planted the whole garden

 Roma tomatoes

Tons of basil

 Chopping up the garden picked veggies
Best salsa!

Do you guys want to hear about my internship? 
If so, I will do weekly updates of how it's going! Let me know.

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  1. Yes, would love to hear about and continue to see pics of internship on your blog. The tour of Western's garden/making of the salsa looks great!

  2. I'd love to hear about your internship! I'd also like to know what all is in that salsa!

  3. Yes! Of course ! What did you put in the salsa? Looked like bell pepper was in there.

  4. As far as contests, I love everything you do !
    You do not need to change a thing !
    If I think of any questions, I will email them

  5. It's yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, green peppers, onions, salt, and garlic pepper. All of the veggies were grown on that farm and picked 5 minutes before eating them : )

  6. I want to hear updates about your internship! I never did mine so I'm curious about how yours is going.

  7. The salsa looks fantastic! Yum! I definitely want to hear more about the internship...especially if it features some great foods like that! :)


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