August 04, 2011

True Protein Review

My husband Troy is into working out and building muscle.  He has tried many protein powders and high protein products from my reviews on the blog before but never liked one like this before! For his review, he chose the True Protein cold filtration whey isolate in natural premium strawberry banana.  It also had the vitamin, mineral, and electrolyte mix added to it. 

The other night, he tried it mixed into some milk and loved it.  There were two major points that he loved.  One is that it mixed into the beverage very easily.  This is rare for protein powders. Often, they just sit on top of the liquid in clumps.  Also, it tasted great! My husband loved the strawberry banana flavor. 

This particular product runs at low at $8.89/lb! Each scoop of powder contains 110 calories and 27 grams of protein. Most people do not need to take protein powders to get enough protein in their diet but sometimes, protein powders can really help.  If you want to build muscle while working out, add it to a smoothie for additional protein in a snack, or if your nutritional status is poor, protein powder can be a great thing.  Thanks True Protein for sending me this huge tub of protein powder for my husband!

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