August 07, 2011

The U-Pick Trip that Wasn't

Troy and I are very fortunate to live about 4 miles away from 2 different u-pick orchards.  I called both of them and found that the cheaper of the two has peaches for only $0.65! Yesterday afternoon, we tried to go to that place and it was closed!

We then headed to the second orchard which said that u-pick was open.  We drove in only to discover that u-pick was closed because there weren't anymore ripe peaches and that you could purchase peaches only out of a wooden crate.  We bought some anyways and took some pictures of the orchard.  It was still a fun time but not quite what I was expecting.

 Peach Tree

 Apples, should be ready fairly soon!

Beautiful lake right behind the orchard

Have you gone to any u-pick places this summer? What about any farm stands?

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  1. I've never been to a u-pick, but it sounds like it would be awesome (if it was open). I do visit my local farmer's market and roadside produce stands as often as I can in the summer though! Following you from Mingle Monday.

  2. I've never been to one but I have relatives who have done it. Next time I visit them I'll ask them to bring me. It looks like fun!

    The Twerp and I

  3. Oh I really want to walk down that dirt path!!

  4. What a beautiful orchard!
    I actually just had my first peach of the season today and I adored it :)


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