September 04, 2011

Triple Home Review

1. Teroforma Whiskey Stones
 Before receiving these in the mail, I really had no idea what whisky stones really were until I did some research.  These stones by Teroforma are made in Vermont and are soapstones. You just add three stones to your drink of whisky, let sit for 5 minutes, and then enjoy. I think that they are pretty neat and look cool in a glass. These retail for $20 for 9 of them. This company also sells glassware, dinnerware, linens, tools, etc.

2. BleachSafe Kitchen Towels
As someone who loves to cook, my kitchen towels get dirty so fast. Most of them are colored which means that I cannot bleach them.  Then, I found BleachSafe where you can bleach these colored towels and not lose color! The stains come out and the color stays in.  This company also sells towels for restaurants, gyms, spas, etc. These kitchen towels only cost $3.99 on the site! I may purchase some more. My mom who is also a huge cook thought that these towels were really neat.

3. aFire Grilling Planks
aFire is a company that sells grilling products.  For my review, I was sent the sugar maple planks and the golden alder planks. I love these! The sugar maple can be used with pork or cheese dinners and the golden alder can be used for turkey, chicken, or seafood. How to use: just soak each plank in water for 30-60 minutes and then grill the food right on top of the plank.  It gives the food a delicious taste and is a really neat way to grill.
Have you tried any neat products for your home or kitchen lately?

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  1. Three great reviews Amanda ! The stones are very interesting ! The towels are to die for ! And the plank sounds so good to cook on, you taught me 3 new things today ! Thanks !


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