October 29, 2011

Glamour Dog Review

 I swear my dogs always know when a package is for them! I was sent a couple of collars from Glamour Dog for my dogs Ava and Jaxen and they got excited as I was opening the package.

As you can see on Model #1 above (haha), she is wearing a crystal personalized collar with her name on it. The collar retails for $17.95 and fits nicely. The letters slid on the collar easily and look nice. Ava is pretty much the head of my household so she has to have a glamorous collar like this one.
Now Jaxen is completely the opposite of Ava.  He is a true man so I chose a camo collar for him. This collar retails for $9.95.  I like it a lot but wish that it was a bit wider on his neck. When choosing items from Glamour Dog, I found it to be hard to choose something because there are SO many different options. There are hundreds of collars, leaches, clothes, beds, etc. They have everything that you could ever want for a glamorous dog.
I swear he completely did this on his own when I was trying to take a normal picture.

And after they received their new collars and got their picture taken, they ate each other's faces off : )

Isn't it great having a dog?

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  1. Such a cutie! Have fun at Hallowe'en (stay away from the chocolate for the doggie!)

    Best Wishes,

    beachside cottage

  2. Gorgeous doggies! True super-models!

  3. So cute Amanda! I (& my pup) love Glamour Dog too!! :)


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