October 09, 2011

Passport Around the World Party

As part of my Food Service Management Rotation of my internship, I had to create and produce a theme meal to serve in the cafeteria of the hospital. I chose to do "Passport Around the World" and focused on foods from all around the country that were pretty healthy.

It was a fun meal to plan and we probably served 200-300 people. Another intern and I did all of the planning, prepping, and cooking of the food. It was a lot of work but turned out great!
Salad bar decorated with flags from around the country

Asian lanterns

 Thai Salad with a Peanut Lime Dressing

 Italian Turkey Focaccia with Basil Cucumber Salsa

 Grilled Carribbean Honey Pineapple Chicken

 Fried Indonesian Plantains

 Irish Corned Beef Stew

 Plated up Caribbean Chicken, Spanish Red Beans and Rice, and Indonesian Plantains

Greek Feta Chicken Wrap

German Fast Night Cakes- I had the opportunity to deep-fry food for the first time in my life. It was an interesting thing but I will probably stick to more healthy ways of cooking from here on out!

We got some great feedback on our event and were happy that it went so successful for our first huge party!

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  2. Yum for the German Fast Cakes!

  3. Oh. Dear. Lord...

    Where was I when this delicious party was taking place?! LOL

    You have my mouth watering at all the yummy international foods you included :)

    I have no doubt that it was a big success!

  4. You did a great job! The food looks so tasty! One of my favorite parts of being a DI Director so far is going to the theme meal days...the food is always SO good & interesting :)

  5. Those are yummy! I can relate with the fried plantains and they are indeed easy to make.


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