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FlipFlop Moscato Wine Review

FlipFlop Wine is one of my favorite wine brands. I have reviewed their wines twice before and loved them. I have tried many of the kinds including riesling, merlot, pinot grigio, and pinot noir. This time around, I wanted to try the moscato which is one of my favorite new-to-me wines. I only tried moscato once before and liked it.

For a fun Saturday night, my husband and I opened the moscato. One of the main things I love about FlipFlip wines is how affordable they are. They are only $7 a bottle which is right around the price that I want to pay for wine.  The wine is delicious. It is definitely a sweet white wine but that is exactly what I wanted.

Something great to note about this company is that for every bottle of wine that is purchased, they will donate a pair of shoes to someone in need to the Soles4Souls program. I have loved all 5 wines from FlipFlop Wines that I have tried and will continue to be a big fan of their wines.


  1. Sounds like a good wine. Souls4Souls has a bit of explaining to do about some of its practices.

  2. What a great blog. New follower from Friday Friend Connect. I've never heard of Flip Flop Wine. I'll have to keep an eye out. Thanks:)

  3. Not a huge fan of wine but have been wanting to try their brand.I am a new follower from the Friendly Fridays & I would love if you can head over & check out my blog as well!


    Thank you!

  4. Hey Amanda! We're glad you enjoy Flipflop Wines! Thank you very much for mentioning Soles4Souls. Flipflop is helping us reach so many more people through their donations.

    Thank you!


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