November 15, 2011

Tassimo Professional

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tassimo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Have you tried out any of the Tassimo products before? I have not but have read great things about them.  Right now, Tassimo is offering a neat deal where you can try their cappuccinos and lattes in your office at work for free.  They are doing demos of the Tassimo Professional single cup specialty hot beverage system.  To sign up for the demo, just go to the Tassimo Professional free demo site. Are you going to sign up?

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From what I have read about the Tassimo Pro, people tend to rave about it.  They talk about the high quality taste of the product.  The company says that it creates a coffee house style of beverage right from your home or office.  The drinks can be made using real Gevalia espresso and real milk creamer. You can make it whatever variety you like. There are tons of different combinations to make.

Also, they use premium brands.  Some of the brands include Gevalia espresso and coffee, Suchard hot chocolate which is rich and creamy, and Twinings tea. Recently, I tried some Twinings tea samples and really liked them.  The tea did seem like a nice quality and would be great made from the Tassimo. The machines are also very simple so that anyone can use them. They are activated in one touch and the drink is made in less than 2 minutes. There are LCD instructions on there which allows for easy prep, cleaning, and maintenance.

Finally, they use T Discs which are unique brew codes that ensure precise brewing and a great quality. One great thing about these discs is that due to the double bar code, they are not compatible with home machines and therefore can help to reduce employee pilferage!

Personally, I would love this in my office so that I can make fresh and hot beverages whenever I want. I would make a coffee drink with milk or creamer in the morning and a hot tea for later in the afternoon.

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