December 20, 2011

Campus Quilt Review

Campus Quilt is a company that takes your t-shirts and turns them into a beautiful quilt.  I have always thought that this was a neat idea and contacted the company to review one of their handmade, personalized blankets. Something else really neat is that they can make the quilts out of hats, ties, socks, sweatshirts, etc. as well as the t-shirts. This company was featured in Rachel Ray, The Today Show, and Real Simple magazine!
 One of my favorite products that they make is blankets displaying baby clothes and cute!

My brother is a runner in college and has been running since elementary school.  He has tons and tons of t-shirts that he does not wear.  For his Christmas present this year, I had Campus Quilt take some of these shirts and transform them into this blanket.  The order form was simple to fill out and you put what color backing you want, what material, embroidery, etc.  You also put what order that you want the shirts in by putting a little number sticker on each shirt.  Then, you mail in your instructions and shirts and wait for your quilt. Since it is the busy holiday season, it took about 4 weeks to make the quilt.
You can also get your t-shirt made into a pillow!

I am so pleased with the results.  The blanket came out thicker than I thought it would be which is great because the Michigan winters are of course freezing. I literally cannot wait to give this blanket to my brother on Christmas morning. I know he will love what a fabulous job that Campus Quilt did on the blanket. I'm also guessing that he will take it to his dorm room and put it on his bed. I would highly recommend Campus Quilt to anyone.

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