January 29, 2012

Ava Update Reposted

****I am reposting this update that I wrote a few weeks ago since no one was receiving my updates for a month due to some technical difficulties.  I wanted to make sure everyone knew what ended up happening with my dachshund with the skin issues.
About a month ago, I had blogged about my 2 year old dachshund Ava who is having skin problems.  She has black dots all over her chest that I was very worried about.
Back in December, I took her to a different vet for the 4th time. This time, I actually got some really valuable information. The vet told me that her cell's melanocytes (pigment) are enlarged and she has a reaction which is not dangerous.  He was not worried about the dots even though there seemed to be a lot of them.  He said besides the dots, she is a very healthy dog and her fur looks good and her weight was fine too.  He said that we only need to worry if she gains a lot of weight at once or if her ears start scabbing.  The vet is a pet dermatology specialist and knew tons of information about different dachshund skin conditions. 

I wanted to update all of you about it since I had blogged about it and many of you gave me some tips and did research on what it may be. I am so thankful to have found a smart vet who was up to date on different skin conditions and could give me so much info about Ava! She is a happy, healthy, and playful little dog.

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  1. Aww well glad she's ok! What is the "reaction" from or is it just natural?

  2. For her, it is natural. I guess it can be common in dachshunds.

  3. I'm glad Ava is ok. I have a dachshund who has very bad skin allergies. She has red dots all over her stomach similar to Ava's black one. I'm glad your vet said it was nothing serious as well.

  4. Thanks Carol! I'm sorry that your dachshund gets the skin problems too. My vet told me that part of what is bothering her is what is in the grass. Have you tried putting a shirt on your dachshund to help so their skin is not rubbing?

  5. Aw, she looks extremely content and happy in the window picture. :) I"m glad your Ava is a-ok.

  6. Yay, on two accounts! First, I actually read this in my EMAIL!! Whoo-hoo! But I actually have wondered how your little girl was doing, and if you'd found an answer to the mystery. So happy she's okay, and that the spots are nothing to worry about. She just has funny freckles! :)

  7. So happy all is ok and Mom's anxiety over the situation is doing better too! Hugs to you both!

  8. I think my dachshund (3 years old) may have the early signs of the same skin problem your dachshund has. You saw it from the beginning maybe you can help me I linked a picture below.


    I got a biopsy of it and the vet said it came back as canine papilloma virus which she didn't seems to believe because its usually in puppies and in the mouth as well usually white dots not black so pretty much every characteristic is different than what the biopsy said it was.

    Did the vet you visit give a name for it or anything? or just growths? Im just trying to figure this whole thing out because as in your experience the vet i went to gave me an answer but its hard to believe her when she doesn't seem to believe herself.

    Anything you have would be much appreciated.

    Reis Barrie

    1. Has any more information turned up about this condition? My year old doxie has started showing the same spotting as the above picture and I am getting concerned. She had one little black spot there when she was a puppy and she just started getting more and more of them.


  9. Has anyone gotten more information on this spotting condition? My year old mini doxie is showing almost the exact same spotting as the above picture, even in almost the sane place. She had one little spot when she was a puppy and more have started appearing. The just keep showing up. They aren't itchy or scaley at all. They are just tiny flat little black spots, almost like freckles. I will take her to my vet on Monday but it sounds like this may be hard to diagnose. Any help would be appreciated.


  10. I am so glad that Rosco is not the only doxie to have skin issues. He is 8. Every year he has some type of skin problems. Mostly in the summer and early fall. This past summer he sufferer from a bad yeast infection all over his body. His fur has just come back. I have tried everything thing the vet has suggested. There is nothing to do to prevent it.
    I am glad that your doxie is okay. By the way..do your doxies do well around your baby? My son will not let Rosco get around his little girl.

    Take Care and Congratulations

  11. I know this is an older post, but if people are finding this page because they are searching for what is wrong with their own pet...
    This condition is called acanthosis nigricans. As Amanda's vet correctly stated, it is a benign condition that most commonly occurs in Dachshunds, and is probably heritable. More information can be found at:


    In its primary form, the dog does not experience any discomfort or itching associated with the disease. Other breeds can get a similar condition secondary to chronic skin infections/allergies and some endocrine disorders. So if you are seeing this in another breed, or your pet has other issues associated with the black spots, please take them to get examined by a veterinarian to see what else might be going on.


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