Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mr. Chewy Review

I was recently contacted by Mr. Chewy which is a company that sells over 70 brands of pet food, treats, and supplies.  I was offered a gift card to their company and chose some treats for my dachshunds.

I chose a box of Greenies and 10 large rawhides.  I have a pretty funny story that went along with this.  I received the box of goodies, opened them, and left them in my guest bedroom.  I had to load some stuff into my car and shut the dogs into the room so that they would not run outside. When I came back to let them out, my girl Ava had perfectly unwrapped one of the rawhides and was chewing on it. I could not believe that she took the wrapping off and stole one. That's the last time I will leave them laying around! The dogs love them and they keep them entertained for hours.

My opinion of Mr. Chewy is a good one. The products shipped very quickly to my house and the site is easy to navigate. The prices seem pretty good. They offer free shipping if you spend over $49 and deliver right to your door.  They offer all of your favorite pet foods and treats. Thanks Mr. Chewy for providing my pups with tons of delicious treats!

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