February 24, 2012

The Worst 45 Minutes

Ava                                                         Jaxen
 These two dogs are pretty much my best friends. I love them very much and don't know what I would do without them.  Wednesday night, they both ran away.  I let them outside and they normally go potty right next to the house and come back to the door and I let them in.  This usually takes about 2 minutes.  This time, they were gone for about 4 minutes and I started to worry.

I put my coat and shoes on and ran outside. It was already pitch black out and hard to see. I called their names and they didn't come.  Then, I ran back inside and grabbed a flashlight for each hand.  I looked all around out trailer park and could not find them.  Then, after a long 10 minutes of searching, I found Jaxen.  I was very relieved but still could not find Ava.

I was calling her and searching and it was dead silent. No leaves rustling, no noises, nothing.  I got into my car and slowly drove around the park looking.  Nothing.  I contemplated calling my husband but knew that I would break down if I did.  Then, I took Jaxen out of the house, put him on a leash, and had him help me find Ava.

After 45 horrible, stressful minutes, I found Ava pretty far from our home.  She was cold, shaking, and had her ears back.  At that point, I decided not to even yell at her but picked her up and went home. That is when I finally broke down crying.  I always knew that I loved my dogs but when something like this happens, it makes you realize what life would be without them.  I sure learned my lesson and will not have them off the leash again. I thank god that I found them.

Also, I think that Ava thought that she was never going to see us again because although she was pretty freaked out, the second I put her down in the house, she started going crazy.  She was running around squeaking toys and having the time of her life.  So my friends, that was the night that I almost had a heart attack after thinking that I was going to lose my best friends.

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  1. So glad you found them!

    It is very scary when you can't find them for awhile!!

  2. oh my gosh how frightening! i am so glad they are ok.

  3. Awww... so happy everyone is home safe. Sounds like the kids decided it was time to go explore the new neighborhood. Might have to think about fencing that yard so they don't go on another walkabout :-)

  4. Been there. Horrible feeling. So glad there's a happy ending to this story! Is an invisible fence a possibility? It made a huge difference for my boy Jack. He was able to have his 'freedom' (sort of), but I didn't have to keep him on lead or make myself crazy chasing him around the neighborhood!

  5. I have had it happen to me, it was the worst thing. I did not yell either, they knew and no words had to be exchanged.So glad you found them it was the worst feeling of helplessness in your heart.

  6. Aw, I've got tears in my eyes just THINKING about how stressful and heartbreaking that must have been for you :(

    Thank goodness you found them!

  7. I am so happy they are home safe with you!! :)


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