March 01, 2012

Belvita Breakfast Review

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits review including nutrition, taste and varieties.
Belvita breakfast biscuits
Nabisco has a new product called Belvita which are slightly sweet breakfast biscuits.  When I received an email about these, I became interested in trying them.  They come in three different flavors including apple cinnamon, golden oat, and blueberry. Here is my Belvita Breakfast Biscuit review.

boxes of Belvita biscuits

Belvita Review

When I received my package, I decided to try the apple cinnamon ones.  Each little package comes with 4 biscuits (cookies) in them.  They are thin and crispy.  I liked the taste of these because they are slightly sweet but not too sweet.  They had tiny chewy pieces of apple which were a nice addition. They have no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, or sweeteners.  Each package has 18-20 grams of whole grains and 3 grams of fiber.

Belvita Biscuits blueberry

Is Belvita Healthy?

You may be wondering, is Belvita good for you? Overall, I do think that these are pretty good but there were a couple things that I did not like.  One package is 230 calories which I think is steep.  So are Belvita Breakfast Biscuits healthy? I would not be filled up on 1 package so I wish that they were less calories to make an overall lower calorie breakfast.  Also, they have 3 grams of protein which would definitely not keep me full.  I would recommend eating these with some form of protein such as peanut butter or with a hard boiled egg to help keep you full until lunchtime.

I am impressed that they are made with whole wheat flour and taste good too. I think that these could make a good breakfast for kids on the go. I look forward to trying the other flavors and would also eat 1/2 package of these as an afternoon snack.

Belvita biscuits

What is the best flavor of Belvita Biscuits?

This is totally a personal opinion but my favorite flavor of Belvita biscuits is definitely the blueberry. They are so good!

Where to Buy Belvita Biscuits

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  1. I saw these at the grocer a few weeks ago and they had 2.50 off coupons too. I got the blueberry and plain and I really really like them. My daughter has been eating 2 with her morning fruit nad yogurt and I have been taking the left overs in the car to work with my protein shake.

  2. 230 calories is not that high for breakfast and if paired with yogurt and fresh fruit or cheese is the perfect breakfast, it kept me full till lunch and the energy while subtle kept me moving till late in afternoon.

    I am hoping they come out with more flavors soon as I plan on using these as a mainstay go to

  3. I have only tried the Golden Oat flavor and they are delicious; I see them more like a not-so-unhealthy cookie fix than a breakfast bar! They are pretty tasty though and they have way more nutritive properties than an Oreo cookie let's say... good for Nabisco for producing healthier snacks :)

  4. I loved them especially the blueberry ones. But the disappointment. I bought a box and 4 pakages out of five were crumbs. Change the packaging. KH

  5. I saw the commercial on TV and thought i'd give them a try. I love blueberry, so this was my first purchase of many. I really like them, they satisfy flavor and crunch. I wanted something nourishing and easy to eat. I take a pack of Belvita and pint of milk with me to eat, when i don't have time to eat breakfast. I truly enjoy this food, and am happy i have something fun to eat while watching calories.

  6. I have been trying the peanut butter biscuit sandwiches all this week. First time and I love them. You get 2 in a pack but they are peanut butter filled. Holds me to lunch. 230 calories is really not alot. The fiber intake well, I must say I thinkis working. 15 whole grain. I'll be buying more of these. Oh as well Kroger stores have them on sale this week 2 box for 5 bucks. If you wanted to try 1 box first 2.50. Enjoy


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