March 28, 2012

Get in Shape with CafeWell

This post brought to you by CafeWell. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am writing this post to inform you of a neat program that includes Reach for the Peaks where you can join for free to get in shape and maintain being in shape.

What is CafeWellIt is a social network to get well as stay well. It partners with some large health plans such as Altius to provide member with health programs.  It gives free advice, tips, and motivation from real Olympic athletes. Also, it gives information from health and wellness experts as well as diet and nutrition experts (hopefully from some dietitians too). They can help answer nutrition and fitness related questions.

Some examples of these great health programs include Reach for the Peaks which the members participate with CafeWell in a pedometer program that is wireless.  It helps to focus on becoming more active and getting in shape. This programs encourages activity and gives away prizes often and social acknowledgements to members.

To join, visit the CafeWell website. It is free to join and also anonymous. It helps to educate on healthcare and can helps to improve your perception of your health plan.

Here are some testimonials from people who have joined the program:

"So today I am taking a step forward to get off the couch and become healthy.  I am overweight, underpaid and not so full of energy!  I know if I think I can, I CAN!  AND I WILL!"

"I'm absolutely thrilled with this motivating program."

I think that the pedometer idea is really neat. It would be great to track how much I walk online!

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