March 11, 2012

Lodge Cast Iron review

Lodge Cast Iron is a company that sells all things cast iron. My mom is a fan of cast iron pans so I was interested in trying something from this company out. For my review, I tried out a ceramic knife, aebleskiver pan, and a Lodge cast iron cookbook.

My parents recently got some ceramic knives and they are awesome. I wanted to try one out for myself from Lodge.  These knives are amazing. It cuts through food so easily. You do have to be careful though because they are sharper than almost all other knives.  For example, I cut through raw beets so easily with this knife.  I will definitely be using this knife all the time to cut foods that are tougher or hard.

 As seen in the picture above, the aebleskiver pan is for making pancakes. The Lodge has a Danish pancake recipe for these pancakes anyone is interested. You can also make pastries with this pan and fill the food with fruit. The pan is very heavy and sturdy. It seems to be good quality. I have always thought that these were really cool and actually gave this to my mom to try out for her birthday.  It will be fun to make some of these pancakes for a family breakfast.

The cookbook is nice too.  It has some great recipes and bright pictures.  If you are interested in purchasing something cast iron, Lodge cast iron products are well made and affordable.

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  1. My mom and dad LOVE cast iron, so I have no doubt they'd enjoy this pan.

    Those pancakes look quite interesting {and delicious}!

  2. Wow! I'm just wondering if there are any shapes available than the circle cast iron? thanks for sharing this, I really appreciate it!


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