April 24, 2012

Eat Smart Vegetable Review

There is nothing that I love more than fresh produce. I love any kind of fruit or vegetable out there. When I found Eat Smart brand, I wanted to try some of their fresh veggies.  They kindly sent me two veggie trays and a broccoli slaw mix to try.

The vegetable tray was packed nicely and the vegetables were extremely fresh.  The celery was very crispy which is not always the case in a veggie tray. I really enjoyed the ranch dip that came with the vegetables too.  I received these trays as I was going out of town so I just threw them in my fridge. They were still perfectly fresh 1-2 weeks later.  The vegetables were at their peak ripeness and were nicely cut.

I was also sent the chipotle salad kit which was incredible.  It contained broccoli slaw, tortilla chips, white cheese, and an amazing chipotle sauce. The sauce tasted like a mix between sour cream and salsa. I served it when my family came to help us move.  They all really enjoyed it and want to get it again.  I was very impressed how good the dressing tasted over the broccoli slaw. 

The company also sells all kinds of bagged fresh vegetables. Unfortunately, these products are not currently sold in any stores near me but if they are near you, you must try that chipotle salad kit.  Yum!

Disclosure: I was sent these Eat Smart products for free to review. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. There's nothing I love more then some veggies myself! I haven't met a veggie I DIDN'T like :)


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