April 16, 2012

Rain Products Review

In the springtime in Michigan, we get a lot of rain. Of course dogs still need to go outside no matter what and they get all wet and muddy.  I recently learned about a product called a Rain Collar that makes it so your pet stays as dry as possible.

I was sent a black jacket for Jaxen and a yellow one for Ava. We had a good time taking these pictures of them in their new coats! The jacket is very compact and can fit into a small pouch that can fit on the dogs collar. This is really nice if you are out on a walk and don't know if it's going to rain or not. If it starts to sprinkle, you can quickly put the jacket on.
Here is some information about the jacket/collar: Rain Bandanas and Rain Collars feature compact, convertible water-repellent raincoats for dogs.  RAIN Products are designed to fit over any standard collar.  Once in place, each rain collar and rain bandana easily zips open into a full raincoat and hood, keeping Fido covered and dry.  The Collar is available in Small, Medium, and large.
Ava's jacket fits her perfectly but Jaxen's is slightly too short since his body is longer. If you have a dog that is not a long dachshund, I'm sure the length of the body would be perfect.  I like the hood of the jacket although it is hard to stay on the dog's head.  There is a hole for the leash to go through which makes it easier than if you had to make the leash go around it. I like both of these jackets for the dogs and they will definitely be using them throughout the springtime and in the summer when it rains.

Aren't these two just too funny? They love posing for pictures!

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  1. That has to be the cutest doggy product! Especially on your adorable fur babies xD


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