May 25, 2012

Diana's Bananas Review

Are you a fan of frozen bananas? They are one of my favorite treats.  They freeze into a very nice creamy and chewy consistency. Even better then frozen bananas: chocolate covered frozen bananas. Recently, I had the opportunity to review some Diana's Bananas which are 1/2 of a banana covered in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or chocolate and peanuts.

I was sent the dark chocolate and milk chocolate ones to try. To be honest, typically I am not the biggest chocolate fan in the world. I do like a little bit and prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate. For a non-chocoholic, I quickly became addicted to these. Right when I got this package (which by the way, the bananas were still perfectly frozen thanks to dry ice), I opened a dark chocolate banana and dug in.
These are so tasty! The chocolate does not really break off or crumble which makes it less messy to eat.  The banana and chocolate go really well together. I have been enjoying one of these most days for an after meal treat.  They are great as the weather has been getting hotter.

Each banana baby is only 130 calories and is the perfect treat. It is much healthier than ice cream but tastes very rich and indulgent. I love these banana babies! I will be sharing these with my siblings as they are huge fans of anything frozen and I have a bunch to go around. For a delicious, healthier treat, try Diana's Bananas.

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  1. I've only had a frozen chocolate banana once, but I did enjoy it immensely! I don't know why, but I can't believe they come like Popsicles!


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