May 04, 2012

Halfpops Review

Halfpops are like no other snack that I have had in the past.  It is a half popped piece of popcorn.  When I eat typical popcorn and some does not pop, I find it to be very hard and cannot bite through the kernel.  That is not the case with these.  They are easy to chew (similar to chewing a nut I would say). This has such a unique flavor to me.

I was sent a mixed case of Halfpops to review.  It contained their natural aged white cheddar and natural butter and sea salt popcorn.  The kernels are so much more flavorful that typical popcorn.  It is a strong corn flavor that I really enjoy. I ate the bag of them plain on the first try. On the following day, I had them mixed with some dried fruit. I liked the mix of the salty and sweet.
I gave my mom some of these to try and she really enjoyed them too.  I just love that you get that concentrated popcorn taste in such a tiny kernel.  On the Halfpops site, you can vote for the next flavor of Halfpops that they are going to make.  I voted for kettle corn and my second choice would be the jalapeno.  I also think that a BBQ would be delicious!

Something to note is that these come in tiny packages but contain 2 servings. If you eat both servings, it is 260 calories. I would recommend splitting the bag in half right away if you don't want to eat both servings for some portion control.  The reason is because once you get your hand in the bag, it is hard to stop eating them! They are delicious.

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