May 06, 2012

New Snack Products Review Part 1

Recently, I have had the opportunity to try a bunch of different snack products that are new-to-me.  I am very excited to share them with you and give you my honest opinions on them.  If you have tried any of these products and want to share something about them, please feel free in the comments section. 

PopCorners are a snack that I have been wanting to try for awhile. It is popcorn made into a chip shape.  They come in different flavors such as butter, kettle, caramel, and cheesy jalapeno.  Knowing that my husband and I love jalapeno, we decided to give these a try. They do have the flavor of popcorn but are neat to have in chip form.  The flavor was good. It was a bit spicy and definitely cheesy. I like the shape of these because you can use them for dipping into something if you want.

One thing that I do not like is that they are kind of high calorie. They have 150 kcal per serving. This is comparable to other chips but considering that it is popcorn, I wish that it was a bit less.  Also, the kettle ones are awesome! They are nice and sweet and salty. If you are looking to switch up traditional popcorn, try these!

2. Old London Melba Toast and Bagel Chips
 Its always nice to find a good dipping bread/cracker and these Old London snacks are great for that. I like the garlic & herb bagel chips! They are perfectly crisp and would be perfect with a goat cheese or cream cheese spread (or anything really!). I am a big bagel chips fan and definitely want to try the french onion ones and the spicy cheddar! I do not like rosemary much so I did not like the rosemary melba toast much. These have 70 calories for 3 pieces, not bad.  I would definitely use these for a party as part of a tray of other goodies.

3. Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips
My husband is the biggest tortilla chips fan and I was excited for him to try these chips.  We opened the bag of pico de gallo ones since those sounded the best to us and dug in.  They are very tasty! They seemed fresh tasting with that pico de gallo flavor.  Each serving has 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein which is really awesome. I love that this is a bit of a healthier take on traditional chips.  These can be eaten plain or with a dip as they are very flavorful on their own.

They are corn free for those people who have a corn allergy or prefer not to eat it.  The nacho chips are considered to be a vegan take on traditional Doritos which are not vegan.  I like that they also make an unsalted variety as many people have to follow a low sodium diet. These chips are very good!

4.  The Better Chip
This product I am most excited to share with you. If you try one out of any of these,  I highly recommend the jalapeno chips. They have tons of real jalapeno flakes in them and are really neat looking. I served some of these when my family came over for Cinco de Mayo.  My mom and sister loved them. They are double thick compared to other tortilla chips. Also, the sweet onion and white cheddar chips are delicious. I have become a fan of basically any onion chips and these are great. I have not found these at my local store yet but see that they are sold at Meijer. I will definitely be on the lookout for the jalapeno ones. Trust me and try them!!

I had fun trying all of these different snacks. 
Share with me some of your favorite snacks that you've tried recently.

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