May 08, 2012

New Snack Products Review Part 2

My mini series continues of various delicious snacks that I have tried. Enjoy reading out the jerky, tea, and bars that I recently was sent to review.
4. Krave Jerky
Krave Jerky is a kind of jerky with unique and exotic flavors. Some examples include lemon garlic, curry, pineapple orange, and chili lime. They come in beef, pork, and turkey. Since my husband is the big beef jerky fan in my family, I let him try out these products.  The first thing that he noticed was that it is very moist.  He liked that it was not very dry and hard to chew. He tried the chili lime one and said that it was full of flavor.

What I love about beef jerky is that it is high in protein, low in fat, and full of flavor. These range from 50 calories per serving to 100 which makes it a low calorie snack. These products definitely went over big in my household!

5. Ito En Tea
Of course I love trying new flavors of tea so Ito En was a fun site to look through to find different flavors. Around Christmas, I found a jasmine tea and very much loved it. It was so unique compared to other teas that I had tried. When I found that Ito En sold a jasmine tea, I was very interested in trying it out. The tea was very delicious. It has that flowery jasmine flavor which is light and tasty.

I was not a fan of the rose green tea. I could not really taste the rose flavor and found it to be bitter. I think that I just prefer to brew my own tea and make it weaker than many people prefer theirs. The company mainly sells green tea products in all different flavors. They also sell a oolong tea that I would be interested in trying.

6. Orchard Bar
Orchard Bars are a product that are "loaded with real fruit, heart-healthy nuts, nutritious seeds, and protein-rich soy nuggets. No date paste filler, no peanuts, no strange substances from the lab. Just all-natural energy from fruits, nuts, and seeds." When I looked at their website and saw the tropical flavors, I definitely knew that I wanted to try them.  

I liked the pineapple coconut & macadamia bar best. It was chewy and very flavorful. I liked the little protein soy nuggets which provided some crunch to the bar. The macadamia nuts had a toasted flavor and were very delicious. I also liked the banana mango & macadamia bar but thought that the banana flavor was a bit fake. Each bar is 180-190 calories and contains about 5-6 grams of protein. I enjoy eating these as a quick snack in the morning or afternoon in between meals.

Hope you have enjoyed my mini series on different snacks that I have tried!

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  1. I love beef jerky (we make our own venison jerky that's a big hit in the family) and I can honestly say I've never heard of those flavors before!

    Love all these healthy snacks you're showcasing :)


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