May 01, 2012

Zhena's Gypsy Tea Review

I first became a fan of Zhena's Gypsy tea when I reviewed it on my blog last year.  I love the Egyptian Mint and the Coconut Chai. I have enjoyed drinking these teas in the morning for a bit of caffeine.  This time, the company has 4 new teas that they sent me to try.

I am a huge tea fan anyways and then when I heard the names of these extremely unique teas, I could not wait to try them! I was sent the peach daiquiri tea, mango margarita, detox renew me, and sleep calm me teas.
The first one that I tried was the detox renew me with cranberry and ginger flavors.  I liked this tea but it was not my favorite. It was quite mild in flavor. Maybe I just needed to steep it longer. The cranberry taste did come through and it had a clean refreshing taste.

The next tea that I tried was the sleep calm me with coconut and vanilla flavors. This was my favorite tea.  It was perfectly flavored- not to strong and not too mild.  The coconut flavor came slightly through. I did not need to add any extra sweetener to this tea as it was already sweet.

Finally, the mango margarita and peach daiquiri teas.  I have never heard of teas to be such flavors and was so excited to try these.  As I write this post, I am sipping on the peach daiquiri tea.  Somehow, it truly does taste like a peach daquiri!! I am drinking it hot but think that it would be amazing iced too.  It is fresh and tasty.  The mango margarita is awesome too.

I loved trying these new to me flavors of Zhena's Gypsy Tea.  To this day, I think my favorite Zhena's teas are the Egyptian Mint and the Calm Me tea.  The tea is very affordable and is about $5.24 for 22 sachets which also comes with a nice tin.

Disclosure: I received these products free of charge to try. All opinions are my own.

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