June 01, 2012

Linwoods Superfoods Review

Linwoods is a company that sells ground nuts, seeds, berries, etc. They have different combination foods which are all very healthy and also known as the "superfoods".  For my review, I was sent some samples of the different mixes including flaxseed & goji berries, hemp, flaxseed cocoa & berries, and flaxseed, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, and Q10.

I am a big oatmeal fan and knew that I would like to try these products in my oatmeal.  I added some of the flax, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, and Q10 to my oatmeal one morning.  To be honest, it did not give it much of a taste (which may be a positive thing for many people).  It did however keep me more full than I would have been after eating regular oats.  This is probably due to the healthy fats and extra protein that this mix contains.
As a very soon to be dietitian (4-6 weeks or so!!), I love finding any foods that are just packed with nutrition. This mix is one of these products. It contains Co-Q10 which is an anxioxidant as well as omega 3 which is hard to find in many foods (mainly in fish). Also, one serving has 5 grams of fiber which is great for helping prevent various diseases and also helps to keep you full. This would be added to yogurt, salad, or different cereals.  I love that this packs a ton of nutrition- even for vegans! For an excellent source of nutrition, try some of the Linwoods ground products.

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  1. I will review once try this one, but you have have provide very negative review. if anyone read your review no one buy this product.

  2. Actually, I wrote about how healthy the product is and how it would be a great addition to many foods. I believe that my review actually very positive. And since you still say that you will try it, obviously I did not make anyone not want to try it. Thanks!


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