July 12, 2012

Dexas Review

Dexas is a company that sells kitchen products, office supplies, and pet products- what a combination! I have read great things about them and when I was contacted by the company to review their products, I was excited to choose some things out.

For my review, I was sent a watermelon cutting board (!!), a slimcase, over the sink cutting board, and the nib mitt mini.  The watermelon cutting board is just plain awesome. It is so fun for summer and I love cutting my fruit up on it. Did you know that watermelon is one of the lowest calorie fruits per serving??

The slimcase is perfect too. I actually just got a job (surprise!) and do not have an office at this point. I am going to use this slimcase to carry all of my important papers around with me.

 We recently got a new sink because the old one was rusty when we moved in. It came with a cutting board that fit in the sink and we instantly fell in love with how convenient it is. The problem is that it is wood and is not going to last forever. When I found the over the sink cutting board from Dexas, I knew that it would be a great product to try. It has a colander right in it. I think that this would be great to drain cooked vegetables or pasta. Also, you could put your scraps in it as you chop up food.
Finally, I was sent the nib mitt mini.  I have always wanted some of these! They are so tiny and yet when you use them to take something out of the oven, you will not burn yourself. I just love how cute these are and well made. All of these products are so well made, cute, and functional. I would definitely recommend Dexas to anyone!

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