July 25, 2012

Fran Kramer Review

Today, I bring to you a review for a product made in Michigan. I love, love, love to feature Michigan products on my blog as that is where I have always lived and have lived all around the state.  The company is called Fran Kramer and they make pure shea butter. The company is in East Grand Rapids which is about 20 minutes from where I did my clinical rotation for my internship!

The shea butter comes in 3 different flavors including lavender, natural, and palmarosea. They come in cute little round containers. My skin is extremely dry so I knew that this would be a product that would be able to help my skin.

The first thing that I noticed was how rich it is.  The shea butter is solid and you need to rub it a bit to get some on your hands.  It is extremely moisturizing and smells good. Something to note is that it is kind of greasy so be careful about rubbing it on anything such as furniture. I think that this product would be perfect for the winter when many people's skin gets very dry.

The shea butter is organic and comes in a 2 oz container. It retails for $10. It can be purchased on the Fran Kramer website.

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  1. That product sounds quite lovely, especially the lavender one since lavender is one of my favorites :)


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