July 10, 2012

What an Almost Dietitian Eats

I thought that it would be a fun feature on the blog to share with you some of the meals that I eat. A lot of people assume that a dietitian only eats super healthy foods but that is not true. Some are healthy and some are not as healthy. Let me know if you are interested in seeing more of what I eat and I would be happy to share!
 Salad with romaine lettuce, beets, tomatoes, onions, lentils, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and nutritional yeast

 Conte's gluten free ravioli with red swiss chard, onion powder, garlic, and a creamy sauce

 Swiss chard in everything: smoothies, salads, cooked, etc.

 Breaded and Baked Zucchini- one of my favorites

 Salad with spinach, beets, and lentils

 Father's Day meal- 
Mom's breaded BBQ chicken, dijon green beans, grilled summer squash, and zesty mashed potatoes

Salad when my sister came over: spinach, romaine, jicama, tomato, cucumber, turkey, cheddar cheese, green pepper, and broccoli

With all of the summer produce available for cheap and great quality, I have been enjoying a lot of it.

What have you been eating this summer?

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  1. You know I'm DEFINITELY interested in seeing what you eat, as well as snagging the recipes ^.^

    I must say everything you have here looks beyond amazing! Especially that Breaded and Baked Zucchini. YUMMY!


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