August 21, 2012

Le Palais des Thes Tea Review

7 citrus Le Palais des Thés iced tea

Le Palais des Thés is a company that sells all kinds of teas. For my review, I was sent 2 boxes of iced tea bags.  The leaves are in large muslin bags and brew in cold water in 1/2 hour (or less). I love tea and trying new flavors is definitely one of my favorite things to sample.

This past weekend, I got to sampling and made a big mason jar of each flavor.  I tried them without sugar as that is how I usually drink my tea. I had my brother, dad and mom try both flavors. I made the 7 citrus iced tea and the minty iced tea.
I really liked the minty iced tea. It was refreshing and not bitter at all. My brother liked this as well. My dad said that he is not the biggest mint tea fan but did like it.

The 7 citrus tea was pretty good as well. My brother liked this one best. I added some milk to mine and enjoyed it that way. My favorite of the two is definitely the mint one though.

Flavors of Iced Tea:
•Thé du Hammam (green tea with rose, berries, orange flower, green dates—the scents that perfume the famed baths of Istanbul);

•Thé des Sources (green tea with mint and bergamot);

•Thé des Alizés (green tea with white peach, kiwi, watermelon)

•Oolong 7 Agrumes (Delicate Oolong tea, scented with Le Palais des Thés' seven citrus blend: natural extracts of lemon, lime, sweet orange, bitter orange, grapefruit, bergamot and mandarin)

I enjoyed trying both flavors of this tea. Iced tea is perfect for the hot summer. Just make sure not to add too much sugar as that increases the calories. Tea contains a great boost of antioxidants for little to no calories. Check out this brand for delicious flavors!

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