August 31, 2012

Lundberg Review and Giveaway

Lundberg Family Farms is a company that makes all kinds of rice products including pasta, rice chips, risotto, rice, brown rice syrup, etc. I have sampled their couscous and loved it.  This time, I requested a few products that I was interested in including short grain brown rice, porcini mushroom risotto, brown rice pasta, and country wild brown rice.

The first product that I tried was the porcini mushroom risotto.  These products are organic and gluten free. I cooked this product in the microwave which cooks for 10 minutes, stir and then cook for another 10 minutes.  It was very simple to make which is great for a side dish since I was busy making the other parts of the meal. This product cooked to a nice texture. The flavor was alright. I was not very impressed and thought that it was a bit bland. I added some garlic powder and black pepper which helped some. I am someone who loves a lot of flavor so this one was not my favorite.

I also tried the country wild brown rice which I loved. This product heats up in only 90 seconds and is ready to go. This is perfect for my lunches at work since I do not have a lot of time to eat. I added some Greek dressing, feta, onions, green peppers and tomatoes. The rice was the perfect consistency. I would definitely buy this rice since it is whole grain and very convenient.

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  1. We get their rice cakes and LOVE them! :)

    I think I'd love to try their Organic Porcini Mushroom-I love that it's non-GMO and gluten free!

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  2. I like the organic risotto porcini mushroom.

  3. i would like to try the Sea Salt Rice Chips :)

    marci hurst
    tristatecruisers at yahoo dot com

  4. I would like to try the Brown rice pasta. Sounds great.

  5. The Heat and Eat Countrywild Brown rice.

  6. GFC id: abfantom fantom

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  7. yummy sea salt rice chips please
    Diane Baum

  8. Rotini Brown Rice Pasta !!

  9. i'd like the organic brown rice flour

  10. The Organic Risotto Florentine would be my item of choice!

  11. Organic Caramel Corn Rice Cakes

  12. i want to try the organic rice chips
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  13. The Organic Risotto Porcini Mushroom because I love risotto but it is a lot of work to make! This sounds easy and tasty!
    mosaic317 at gmail dot com


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