October 09, 2012

Oasap Clothing Review

Oasap is a company that makes many different styles of clothing. I had a fun time searching through their site to choose a couple of items to review. For my review, I was given a $50 gift certificate to spend and for the blue sweatshirt seen below and the dress seen above, it cost $55.

When I saw this dress, I knew that I had to have it. It has an adorable zipper in the back that is not seen in this picture. I love the criss-cross on the top and bottoms of the dress. I could easily wear it in the summer or winter with a sweater and tights. The dress seems to be made with quality material and was great to wear for an evening out. Also, as you can see in my blog, I liked this dress so much that I used it in my blog header.

I also was sent the blue sweatshirt seen above. My sister and I like to go on walks and bike rides and here in Michigan, it is getting very cold. This sweatshirt will be perfect for throwing over my clothes to help keep me warm. I like the bright color and how long the sweatshirt is on my torso.

Check out Oasap for your fall fashion needs.

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  1. I've been a fan of OSAP clothing for a couple months and have yet to get something from them! Shame on me o.O

    That dress and that cute zip up hoodie are BOTH super cute ^.^


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