October 18, 2012

Ornaments with Love Review

I first found Ornaments with Love last year and reviewed an amazing ornament. My husband and I had just purchased our first home and I got an ornament with our new address on it. I love it and will always cherish this since it is our first house that we bought. I will also not forget my husband's reaction when he opened it. He loved it and thought it was awesome that I got an ornament made for our home that we had not moved into yet.
My ornament from last year!

The company contacted me again to review one of their ornaments and I happily agreed. This time, I cannot show you the ornament because it is for a gift for a family member and they have not received it yet. I will say that the ornaments from this company ship quick and are great quality.
I loved these teacher ornaments and thought that they would be super cute for my husband who is a science teacher. The ornaments are very affordable and cost about $10-15 per personalized ornaments. They have hundreds of options for every interest.  I love the cute personalized engagement Christmas ornament pictured above. Also, all orders ship free.

For a special, personalized gift for someone you care about, check out Ornaments with Love.

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  1. I love personalized ornaments to give and receive as gifts. They pack so much more emotion into a seemingly normal gift.

    I LOVE that beautiful ornament you received last year! :)


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