October 20, 2012

Ozeri Salt and Pepper Grinder Review

I have done a couple Ozeri reviews in the past and have been happy with the products. My favorite would have to be their scale which is glass and has a sleek design which looks great in my bathroom. For this review, I was sent their Fresko salt and pepper grinder.

I have never used a salt and pepper grinder before. I don't use salt much and just buy regular pepper. I wanted to review this because I loved the stainless steel design which matches well with all of my kitchen appliances. I will fill this grinder with salt and pepper and keep it on my counter for decoration and to use during cooking.

It uses ceramic gears for easy grinding. It has two adjustable knobs so you can adjust the size of the pepper and salt coming out. I really like this because for some food, you might like bigger chunks while many foods, you will want it to be finely ground. I like that it has the salt and pepper together in one for space saving. I love the way that this looks and it grinds pepper very well.

This salt and pepper grinder is available on Amazon for $25. Also, check out Ozeri on Facebook.

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