November 26, 2012

Dietitians Eat Junk Too

 What does the title of this article mean? Well, I feel like some things need a bit of clarification. I recently received a hurtful message from someone that I went to high school with that recently became a dietitian. She explained that she does not support my blog because I post things that are not completely 100% healthy. This has got me thinking over the last several days and I thought that I would share these thoughts with all of you in case you were wondering the same things.

Dietitians snack and eat junk food too. Yes, I am a registered dietitian. That does not mean that I do not eat chips, candy, fries, pizza, etc. I do not eat them every day but I do eat them. I focus on a balanced diet that is high in whole grains, fruit, vegetables, low fat dairy, beans, etc. In fact, my sister jokes to me that I eat kale every single day and my family jokes about how healthy I eat. I hope that by the product reviews that I post about snack foods that you understand that I do not eat 5 of these per day. Also, I am not recommending that anybody eat tons of snacks per day. Everything in moderation (except fruits and veggies) are the way to go.

If I told a client never to eat chips, candy or whatever junk that they like, they would laugh in my face. Life is about balance. If you know that you are going to go out to eat for dinner, eat a lighter lunch packed with vegetables. Drink lots of water, eat less heavy foods, etc. Just because I am a RD does not mean that I am going to eat a 100% clean and perfect diet.

Also, as stated in my "Meet the RD" section, the main point of my blog is product reviews and giveaways. I do share healthy recipes, "Ask the RD" posts and family related posts as well but that is not my main focus. I love to try all different kinds of products and just because I am a dietitian does not mean that I cannot review a pair of shoes or whatever I like.

I thank all of you who have been faithful readers. If you have any questions about the way that I eat, what I review or how I live my life, please feel free to email me. I would love to clarify it further.

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  1. I will always strongly believe everything in moderation is okay. It's okay to have a treat once in a while. :)

    Katey, San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

  2. I am saddened to think that somebody felt the need to write such a hurtful message to you. Sour grapes, maybe?? Honestly, the title of your blog says it all: Nutritionist REVIEWS. Not "Nutritionist Preaches". I would not love your blog as I do if I felt you were constantly shoving good nutrition down our throats (pardon the pun). We're all big girls and boys, and as you say, life IS about balance! There's nothing wrong with having the occasional treat. To be honest, in my case, treats are NOT occasional. I eat way too many of them. But I have made some of the healthful recipes you have presented here, and I loved 'em. That might seem small, but the point is that my family and I ate just a little bit more healthily those days BECAUSE of you and your blog. Wonder if your old classmate can say that??

    By the way, I have seen you mention in your reviews that a product might be tasty, but isn't the most healthful choice. THAT is what reviewing is about. And you do it REALLY well.

  3. Thank you Heather and Katey! I do not think that anybody eats perfectly and I will not preach to people to do so. : )

  4. My only thought is that maybe it appears you are endorsing junk food when you choose to do a review of certain products. People might just scan what you write and think "well it's on Amanda's blog and she's an RD so it must be healthy..." I personally choose not to read the review of products I don't think are healthy, but that's just me. I don't eat perfect 100% of the time, but I also try to encourage my clients to make healthier junk food choices- ie making cookies, instead of buying them.

  5. If you just turned um, 23 and your friend is also therefore very young it sounds like she needs more than..... 6months? Or maybe an entire year? Of professional experience before she can judge what does or doesnt work as a dietician.
    A balanced diet includes an occassional indulgence- aka why weight watchers works and is so successful- advocating a diet of organic kale, barley and green juice is only setting one up for dissappintment, a binge on so called "forbidden" foods, and or an unhealthy relationship with food.
    Her hurtful comments come from an immature place of insecurity and judgement.


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