November 06, 2012

HAAN Total HD-60 Review

My husband and I bought our first home last November and moved in at the end of April. It is an old house with all wood floors. I hate having to get down on the floor to wash it and have been wanting a floor steam cleaner to help me clean. I contacted HAAN to try one of their steam mops and I was sent their Haan Total HD-60.

This steam mop is very simple to put together and to get ready to use. It is slim which is great for storage. This particular mop retails for $150. It steams and sweeps and sanitizes all in one! It is great for saving time.

Here is some information about the HAAN Total HD60 Steam Sweeper:

The Haan Total HD-60 Steaming Sweeper has taken the chore out of cleaning up pet puddles and shedding messes. The Total sweeps and steam simultaneously, picking up debris and sanitizing your home in just one step. It features a motorized brush-roll that picks up crumbs, dust bunnies and pet hair all while steaming to remove sticky messes and sanitizing your home. This steam cleaner fills up without a watery mess right at your tap, snaps back into the machine and in 20 seconds your mopping like never before. It's great for cleaning up after pets, but it’s a safer alternative to chemicals and detergents. The Total uses just tap water to create sanitizing steam that kills 99.9% of common household bacteria and germs.
My experience with this steam mop is very good so far. I love its ease of use. It also cleans very well. Something to note is that this floor steam cleaner does come with a warning that you should try this first on a small area because it could remove the shine on your floors. This was not an issue with my floor. It cleaned my floor very quickly and cleaned it so that it looked as good as new! Amazingly, this also worked on carpets as well! I love the red color which is my favorite appliance color.

Not only did I get to use my new HAAN HD-60 but I also compared it to the Shark Steam Mop MV2010 that a family member had. I compared these two features and specifications to see which I liked better.

Overall, I liked the HAAN HD-60 better. It left a cleaner look than the Shark Steam Mop. Also, it is a bit cheaper which is nice for people trying to save money. The HAAN is able to work for 10 minutes longer per fill-up of water over the Shark mop. This is a significant amount of time if you are trying to get the job done quickly without interruptions.

I love that the HAAN can work on so many different surfaces. I have tile for my basement floor and plan to use this steamer on it next. I had lots of fun as a new home owner trying this on my new floors. I would definitely recommend this steamer to anyone.

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