December 31, 2012

2012 Reflections Part 2

I already recapped January through June 2012 and shared what a great year it was. Here is what happened July through December.

I studied for my Registered Dietitian exam and passed.  I became Amanda Hernandez, RD!!! I was hired at a nursing home as a full time RD.

We had a nice weekend at the farm with my dad's cousins.

We went to some concerts and had fun in downtown Detroit.

I started two new Master's classes...and got an A in each!

We enjoyed my sister Natalie's sunflowers.

We went to the Croswell Swinging Bridge and had lunch.

My family celebrated my Aunt Emma's 91st birthday.

I went to a Harvest Moon Ball for my work.

We went to the opening of the Belle Isle aquarium in Detroit.

We painted the basement. 

We took some pictures in front of our burning bushes and took my parents out to dinner in Canada.

My beautiful Ava had a photo shoot and my family went hunting.

After a negative message, I explained that dietitians indulge in treats too.

We celebrated Thanksgiving as a family.

We got our first Christmas tree from my parent's farm and have had a great time celebrating the holiday season near family.

I thank god for this wonderful year that he has blessed us with and cannot wait to see what 2013 brings!

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  1. Looking at that other post you wrote along with this one, it's no wonder you say you had a great year! More like a momentous year with all the good news, events and milestones you hit ^.^

    Onward to 2013 and new and exciting adventures!


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