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Panera Bread Review

 I have only gone to Panera Bread a couple of times in my life and had mixed feelings about it. I love their bagels but did not really care for one of the salads that I had years ago. I was recently sent a $10 gift card to try out some of their soup and I thought it would be a good opportunity to try to change my somewhat negative impression.

I chose the Greek salad and the creamy tomato soup for my meal. The total was $6.79 and was part of the you-pick-two deal. I absolutely loved both! The tomato soup was perfectly creamy and filling. I will definitely be back for some of this soup. I love tomato soup and this was so good! The Greek salad had the perfect amount of dressing, olives and feta cheese.

Also, they had the number of calories each menu item had up on the board with the menu. I was very impressed with this as it was nice to see how many calories my lunch had.

My husband ordered the French onion soup and the Italian combo sandwich. He really liked both of these. The total for both was $7.79. He said that the sandwich had a horseradish type sauce which was tasty.

The whole time we were eating, we were raving about how good the food was. This trip to Panera definitely changed my perception of the restaurant and I will be returning soon. Looking at the menu, they have many healthy options to offer and I think it makes a great quick lunch.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Foodbuzz. I was provided a gift certificate and compensated for my time. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.


  1. Try their Mediterranean Sandwich (ok betting I spelled part of that wrong) but it rocks. All veggies but tastes so good.

  2. You MUST try their black bean soup!! It is SO GOOD! Although they only have it on certain days of the week. Not sure which days, I think it varies by location.

    1. I will check it out! I love a good boost of protein in a soup like that.

  3. Their Sourdough Bread Bowls are awesome with soup!

    1. Funny story- when I got my wisdom teeth pulled, I got sick on a Panera sourdough bread bowl and have not been able to eat them since. Maybe it's time to try again. I do love sourdough bread.

  4. I love Panera. That Black Bean Soup is the best!

  5. Oh, we love, love, LOVE with big fat capital L Panera's!

    Honestly, it's one of the only places that my family and I can eat without having a reaction. I always get the Chicken and Wild Rice soup when it's available or the Bacon Turkey Bravo.

    That sandwich ROCKS :)


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