January 28, 2013

GFreely Review and Giveaway

GFreely is a monthly gluten-free subscription service. As a dietitian, I know that it is difficult for those with a gluten intolerance or with Celiac disease to find delicious products as their options are much more limited than those who can consume gluten.  This company sends out a monthly sampler box of products that are all gluten free. This gives those who need to follow a gluten free diet plenty of options and allows them to try new products.

Here is some information about how the products are chosen:
Each month we choose a new, unique theme for our foods. One month might be gluten free tacos and chips; another might be gluten free pizza and snacks. It’s always a surprise and it’s always delicious. Our team of foodies and dietitians pick the best gfree foods in the country so that you can live a healthier lifestyle with ease.

A month of GFreely products costs $19 per month and you receive $25-40 worth of products.  

Here is my review of some of the products that I was sent:
-The Good Bean Bar- I brought this bar for a snack at work and was surprised when I looked at the package that the bar is filled with chickpeas!! The chickpeas are crispy like a nut but are much lower calorie. This bar was only 130 calories total which is about 70 calories less than the typical bar. It has 5 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. The bar is also filled with pumpkin seeds and cranberries. If you do not like chickpeas, I swear you cannot even taste them. This is definitely one of the most unique products that I have tried and I would definitely buy it again.  

-New York Naturals Vegan Cheese Kale Chips- These kale chips are perfectly crispy and taste more indulgent than they really are. I think that these would be great as a snack or as part of your lunch. The vegan cheese flavor is tasty as well.  

-Seasnax- I am not a fan of seaweed snacks so I did not like these.  

-Frontier Tortilla Soup Mix- One of my least favorite things about pre-made soups is the high sodium content. This mix is very low sodium! I plan to make this soup next week for my husband with some added chicken. I have had this mix before and enjoyed it. It helps to make cooking dinner much easier.   Overall, I enjoyed trying these gluten free products and think that it is a fun way to try gluten free foods for those who need to follow a gluten free diet.  
The giveaway will be for a one month box of GFreely products.
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