January 31, 2013

Inbru Coffee Flavors Review and Giveaway

Inbru is a product that you can add to your coffee grounds to give it some extra flavor. When I first saw this company online, I thought that the idea was awesome! Most of the coffees that I buy are plain flavored (which I often like them that way) but think that it would be nice to be able to add some flavor every now and then.
How to use inbru in three easy steps image
All you do is add Inbru which comes in a powder-like form to your coffee grounds and brew as normal.  In a few short minutes, you have a room filled with delicious flavored coffee aroma. I was sent two flavors to try: creme caramel and toasted chestnut. I chose the chestnut because I thought that it was such a rare and unique flavor.
Toasted Chestnut 24g
This past Sunday morning, my husband and I brewed up some regular coffee with the toasted chestnut Inbru.  It was delicious! The smell of this coffee alone was incredible. I highly recommend this chestnut flavor. It is not like anything that I have ever had before. It gave the coffee a great nutty flavor without added any sugar, artificial sweeteners, fat or calories.

Inbru is not too expensive either. It is $6.95 for what makes 80 cups of coffee.

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