January 26, 2013

Kona Kase Review

 Kona Kase is a company that sends a monthly box of endurance nutrition samples to your doorstep. It costs $15 per month to receive a variety of treats to try. To be honest, I am not exactly an endurance athlete. I have recently gotten back into running but I'm not to the point where I run 10 miles at a time. The good thing is that most of these products are still great options for me.

Here is how the company started:
Finding the right endurance nutrition products is a pain. The market is large, the products are pricey, and only you can determine what fuels your best performance. As two endurance athletes, we’ve wasted a lot of time and money researching and purchasing nutrition products that didn’t ultimately meet our individual tastes and needs. We created Kona Kase because we think there’s a better way.

The December Kona Kase that I was sent came with the following products:
-Pure Matters - Protein Powder- This protein powder was very tasty in a banana, spinach, ice, skim milk smoothie. 

-Nuun Active Hydration - Strawberry Lemonade
-Health Warrior Chia Bar - Coconut- I have tried Health Warrior bars in the past and have enjoyed them. They are full of chia seeds which are rich in fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and protein. This coconut bar was tasty and only has 110 calories. Perfect if you are only a bit hungry.
-Mazama Bar - Hazelnut Mocha
-Drip Drop - Lemon
-Earnest Eats Bar
-Pure Naturals Bar - Chocolate Almond- I was a big fan of this bar. It had a good mix of chocolate and almond flavor and was very filling. I eat a bar everyday at work  between 10 and 11 AM and this one kept me full until lunch.

-Clif shot - Double espresso- I will probably give this sample to my brother who is a distance runner so that he can fuel himself through his long runs.

I enjoyed trying these different products. I think that this would be such a fun gift for an endurance athlete. My brother would love something like this!

***To receive 1/2 off your first Kona Kase, use the code: konanutritionist

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  1. I love discovering new food related products and companies!

    I must say my favorite products are nutrition bars-Give me a good bar and I'm a happy little camper ^.^

    This sounds like a great product and service!


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