January 10, 2013

Traditional Medicinals Review and Giveaway

I have seen Traditional Medicinals teas in stores for years now but had never got around to trying them. Recently, I was sent some different kinds of their products to try. They make different teas that can be used as herbal dietary supplements.

My favorite of the teas that I tried is the Organic Spearmint. Spearmint is my favorite minty flavor and this tea is light and refreshing. It is caffeine free and the only ingredient is organic spearmint leaves. I like this tea in the morning because I do not typically drink any caffeine until after noon. Also, I like it before bed because it is soothing and caffeine free so it does not keep me up.

A couple of the teas I was not a fan of the taste. I did not like the Everyday Lemon Detox or the Throat Coat. The Throat Coat tea is licorice flavored which I do not like. The Everyday Lemon Detox tea was too herb flavored to me.

The other tea that I enjoyed was the peppermint tea. It is similar to the spearmint tea. I like these teas because they are refreshing but also seem to help calm my stomach.
The giveaway will be for the following Traditional Medicinals products to one reader:
•Organic Peppermint
•Organic Chamomile w/ Lavender
•Organic Roasted Dandelion Root
•Organic Ginger
•Organic Nighty Night
•Organic EveryDay Detox Lemon
•A Traditional Medicinals bag and muga Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent these products for free from Traditional Medicinals. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I always drink tea at the first sign of anything hinky-I love it with honey in it. I also love to drink my tension tamer tea and of course my sleepy time tea.

  2. My favorite Traditional Medicinals is nighty night. Always keep some on hand and whenever I'm feeling sick it soothes me to sleep and I wake feeling better!

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  4. My favorite healthy tip is to not over work yourself so you don't weaken your system to let things in

  5. There are so many healthy tips that I've learned over the years! I think my favorite would have to be summed up perfectly in the old adage, "Stop and smell the roses." One of the most basic, but important bases for building a healthy and happy life :)

  6. avoid a much of the nitrates, msg and corn syrup that is in today's prepackaged food. In other words, cook from scratch.

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  8. always eat salads at lunch 'n dinner.


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  10. drink lots of water, and of course lots of fruits and veggies !!!

  11. Drink plenty of water, and move for atleast 10mins a day.

  12. I'd love to try the roasted dandelion root tea. It sounds so exotic...

  13. Make sure you get plenty of sleep at night. You don't realize just how important it is to staying healthy until it's too late


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