February 03, 2013

Lilly's Hummus Review

My husband and I are huge hummus fans. It is a great alternative to fattening foods such as chip dip or mayo on a sandwich. Garbanzo beans are full of protein and fiber making them a smart choice. Recently I was sent some Lilly's Hummus to try.

I was sent 8 different flavors. Some of them are the popular flavors that you see in stores but a few were more unique such as kalamata olive, roasted jalapeno, smoked tomato basil and cracked pepper.

Over the last few days, I have been trying these different kinds of hummus with all different foods. With the kalamata olive hummus, I put a dollop on top of a Greek pasta salad that I made with whole wheat noodles, beets, beans, greens and Greek dressing. The olive hummus was excellent on here. It made the meal more filling and gave it a creamy texture.
I have been eating the cracked pepper hummus on carrots for a snack. I like the big pepper specks throughout the hummus. It is nice and smooth and tasty. Finally, last night, I made my husband a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with roasted red pepper hummus on it. The hummus was hot since I had pan cooked the sandwich. My husband really enjoyed it. I know that this hummus will be gone quickly in my house because my husband can literally eat a whole container in a sitting.

Also, I am serving it for Superbowl Sunday as a delicious dip. I love that hummus has so many different uses and that it is a healthy dip or spread. I would definitely recommend Lilly's Hummus!

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