February 23, 2013

The Republic of Tea Review

The Republic of Tea Review

The Republic of Tea Reviews

I recently joined The Republic of Tea Enlightenment TEA blogger program. Since I love tea so much, I was invited to try some of The Republic of Tea's teas monthly for the next 6 months!!! I hope you like reading tea reviews because I have some great ones coming up.

Republic of Tea Reviews

The Republic of Tea Peach Black Tea

The Ginger Peach Black Tea, our most popular peach tea, offers the sweet lushness of a fancy peach seasoned with the tingle of spicy ginger.

This tea had a stronger ginger flavor than I was expecting but it was tasty. It has a fresh peach flavor and definitely provides that spicy flavor ginger does. I often drink a ginger tea before bed but this one is nice because it is not decaffeinated and provides a boost of caffeine.

The Republic of Tea Green Tea

•The delicate tea that is The People’s Green Tea is celebrated for its refreshing, smooth flavor packed into every one of these green tea bags.

I enjoyed the simple flavor of this tea. It was not bitter like some green teas are and did not have a grassy flavor either. For those who may be on the border between liking green tea and not, I think that this is a good option for you.

The Republic of Tea Orange Blossom White Tea

•The blossoms in our Orange Blossom 100% White Tea imparts an invigorating citrus note, creating an orange tea that is flavored delicately yet fresh and crisp.

I had tried this tea a few weeks ago in my first Republic of Tea shipment and enjoyed it. It was bitter the first time because I had brewed it longer than I wanted to. I did not really taste an orange flavor but it was tasty.

The Republic of Tea Hibiscus Tea

•Ruby red hibiscus shines brightly in our evocatively fruity Natural Hibiscus Herbal Tea. Sipping our hibiscus tea evokes thoughts of a perfect day in the tropics.

This is another of the teas that I was sent in the last shipment. It is very light in flavor yet very red in color. I served this to my mom, husband and I at lunch last week. They both enjoyed it yet agreed that it could use more flavor. They waited until it cooled off completely to drink it and enjoyed it more that way because you could taste it more. This would make a gorgeous iced tea in the summer because if its dark red color. I would add slices of fresh fruit to make it pretty.

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  1. Congratulations on being picked for such a wonderful opportunity! I really should get into tea more because I do enjoy it; I keep forgetting it's actually an OPTION. LOL

    These teas you reviewed sound lovely, especially the Hibiscus tea!


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