March 30, 2013

EzyDog Review and Giveaway

My dogs love getting products to review for the blog. I don't know if their packages always smell like animals but they always know when something is for them. EzyDog is a company that sells all kinds of products for your pet's needs.
For Jaxen and Avas review, we were sent the Soft Trainer Lite Leash and the Vario 4 Lite. Both of these seem like great quality leashes. We have already tested them out a couple of times since the weather is finally getting nicer.
The soft trainer lite retails for $18 and comes in a variety of colors. I chose the blaze orange for Jaxen since he thinks he is a hunter ; ). This features an extra traffic handle near the collar so that you can get quick control of your pooch in high traffic areas (or if anyone is coming near in my case because of my killer dogs). The leash is 6 feet long and has a soft handle to hold. I really like this leash!

Ava was able to review the Vario 4 Lite leash in candy. What lite means is that it is for smaller dogs. I love that they have an option for larger and smaller leashes. You can use it as a full 6 foot leash or a 3 foot leash as it is convertible. This pink and brown color is perfect

The giveaway will be for a Soft Trainer Lite in your choice of colors from EzyDog.

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  1. I like the doggy flotation vest

  2. EZ Pet Transporters would be really nice.

  3. this would be awesome for me and my new pup, especially since where we live...there are no street lights. lol

  4. Those pups could be super models--they're so gorgeous!


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