March 11, 2013

Hugrz Review and Giveaway

Hugrz are boot coverings that give any of your boots a whole new look. They have all different styles and colors to match with most boots that you would have. Something really neat that I found out about after I had emailed the company is that the owner lives right in my city! In fact, she dropped the boot coverings off right in my mail slot!

For my review, I chose the silver tipped fox boot coverings. I am very happy with them! They fit easily over my boots and did not slip through the day. They give my Ugg style boots a whole new look which I love. I can change the look of my different boots without purchasing new boots. You can currently purchase these boot coverings for $44.95. I wore mine with black boots but I think that these would also look good in tan or grey.

I was a bit nervous for how the boot coverings would fit on my boot but there was no problem whatsoever. I would definitely recommend these boot coverings! I think that they gave my boots a cute new look and are good quality.
Here is some information about Hugrz:
I originally designed the product for UGG style boots, but they look great on anything from heeled boots to little suede booties to cowboy boots to rain boots. To wear Hugrz on fitted boots, smooth leather boots, or just your leg with a little short bootie, use the crisscross lacing to cinch the wrap to fit just right. You can scrunch them down on short boots, pull them all the way up on tall boots, or pull them up on your leg to make short boots look tall. The knits can also be worn sticking out of the top of a riding boot (like a leg warmer) or turned inside out and cuffed over the top of the boot like a Hunter Sock. The Santa Fe can also be worn turned inside out and cuffed over the top like a Hunter sock. The accessories really make the product special ---- and completely different from anything else on the market. Women can use them to create the exact look they want to match their outfit or their mood. The key with Hugrz is that they don’t look like something ON your boot, they make it look like you have a whole new boot.

The giveaway will be for one pair of Hugrz boot coverings of your choice and one accessory.
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