March 16, 2013

Mirror Lake Organics Review

The way that I first heard about this company is kind of unique. I was a craft/art fair in Ferndale, MI and saw a truck that said Mirror Lake Organics. It was a Michigan company which of course I love so I took a picture of the website on my phone. Fast forward several months, I finally contacted the company to try out their products. They are located in Imlay City which is maybe an hour from my house.

They sell all kinds of body products including shampoo, lotions, handsoap, deodorant and more. For my review, I was sent the macadamia face and body lotion, detox facial bar and the rosemary, peppermint and vanilla shampoo.
Peppermint, Rosemary & Vanilla Liquid Shampoo with Nettle
The first product that I tried was the shampoo. It is much thinner than most shampoos but still got the job done. It smelled great! I love the combination of those three scents. It is not made with strange chemicals that you would not be able to pronounce.
Macadamia Face and Body Lotion, Vanilla
The macadamia lotion smells great! It is very silky and moisturizing. It contains macadamia oil which is rich in vitamin A, B, D and E. This product is 100% organic. This company does not test their products on animals.
Detox Facial & Acne Bar
The organic detox facial bar is made specially for sensitive skin and also works well on acne. Ingredients include Black Lava salt, organic activated charcoal, organic shea butter, organic menthol, wildflower honey and organic aloe vera. I found this to leave my skin feeling clean which I was kind of surprised about because I had never used a bar of facial soap before.

Visit Mirror Lake Organics for more information.

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