April 17, 2013

Charlie's Salsa Review

My husband and I are huge salsa fans. We have chips and salsa, salsa eggs, nachos, tacos, etc. We go through at least one 24 ounce jar of salsa per week between the two of us. When I found Charlie's Salsa and saw that there were some unique flavors, I knew that I wanted to try it.

When I am looking for a salsa, I want something that has a thicker sauce base and is not watery. This one is perfect! It has a nice and thick saucy consistency.

Charlie's Salsa - Four Pepper Hot - Click Image to Close

The first salsa that I tried is the four pepper hot! This one is very tasty. It was spicy where I could only have about 5 chips worth but I enjoyed the kick that it provided. I could not necessarily taste any peppers though. This salsa is very delicious and my husband enjoyed it too.

Charlie's Salsa - Tomatillo Wasabi
I plan to use the tomatillo wasabi to make green salsa enchiladas. I think that the wasabi flavor will be unique in that dish. The original medium is very good as well. My husband and I usually buy medium salsa and this one would be great to add to our regular salsas. I very much enjoyed trying these salsas and would definitely recommend them.

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