April 30, 2013

Hope Hummus Review and Giveaway

I love trying new flavors and brands of hummus and Hope Hummus makes some very unique flavors! I was sent some of their original hummus, spicy avocado, Thai coconut curry and green chile lime hummus. I couldn't wait to review these hummus's on my blog.

I created a recipe that I really, really love using this hummus.

Parsley and Hummus Fresh Salad

2 single serve packages of Hope Hummus
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
1 head chopped romaine lettuce
1 chopped large tomato
1/4 cup toasted almonds

1. Whisk hummus and red wine vinegar together until there are no clumps of hummus.
2. Toss parsley, lettuce, tomato and almonds together.
3. Mix salad together with dressing.

My whole family loved this recipe! The hummus made an excellent dressing which I had no tried before. I will definitely be using hummus as salad dressing in the future. It made a semi-thick dressing with tons of flavor and protein. Talk about healthy also. It is much better than most store bought dressings.
The spicy avocado Hope Hummus was extremely delicious and tasted great with carrots. The green chile lime hummus makes a great swap for sour cream in tacos. It is not completely smooth and has small chunks of chile and garbanzo beans. I enjoyed trying these unique hummus flavors.

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