April 08, 2013

Moksa Organic Body Review

Mōksa is a company that sells all kinds of beauty products including body and face bar soaps, body butters, body oils, body wash, etc. What initially attracted me to this company is the scents of the products. Key lime, chai and mint- all of these sounded amazing. They are an organic brand that loves nature. Their products do not contain chemicals and use fair trade products as often as possible.
For my review, I was sent a few products that I ended up loving. My favorite is definitely the organic key lime vanilla body butter. It has almost a whipped texture and feels great on my skin. The best part is definitely the smell. It smells just like a fresh key lime pie. This product retails for $16.00.

The Seattle Chai hand soap is great too. It cleans your hands and leaves a great scent. It uses real essential oils to give a rich scent.

The Iceland Mint body wash is very refreshing. I love mint body products because they are invigorating and help to energize you a bit. It is pretty concentrated so you only need to use a little bit.

These body products all worked very well on my skin and smelled great.

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  1. Those all sound like great bath and beauty products! I especially like the fact that they're organic and use a lot of natural ingredients-that's definitely what I look for in B&B products ^.^


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