April 13, 2013

The Republic of Tea Be Active Review

This month's shipment of The Republic of Tea teas included 5 teas from their Be Active line. The base of each tea is organic green rooibos which is fairly lightly flavored. I was excited to try these teas as they are all caffeine free making them perfect to drink in the evening. I am always looking for new caffeine-free teas to drink because I love to have a cup of decaf tea in the morning and the evening and love variety.

Here are the teas that I was sent:
Get Active® - Herb Tea for Endurance
Get Active Tea (Herb Tea for Endurance) offers smooth and aromatic, flavor notes of vanilla that are accented by the tangy citrus of holy basil and natural orange flavor. This tea helps increase energy, stamina, endurance and promotes resistance to stress while antioxidants help protect from free radicals. Ideal for power walks, golf and light workouts.

Get Limber™ - Herb Tea for Flexibility
Get Limber Tea (Herb Tea for Flexibility) offers bright and fruity notes with a hint of spice, lemongrass, orange peel and pineapple flavors. This tea helps to reduce joint swelling and inflammation, enables mobility and helps the body adapt to physical stresses that can cause pain. Ideal for pilates, tennis, yoga, and plyometrics.
  • I found this tea to be strong with the flavors of turmeric in it and other flavors. It was very tasty and I think that it would be good cold in the summer also.
Get Burning™ - Herb Tea for Metabolism
Get Burning Tea (Herb Tea for Metabolism) offers the tangy sweetness of Sea Buckthorn with the spiciness of zingy chili pepper, cinnamon and ginger. This tea assists in accelerating metabolism, enhances caloric burn rate and fat oxidation and helps strengthen stamina and endurance. Ideal for cardio, boot camps, running, weights and spinning.
  • This was my favorite tea that I was sent. It is flavorful and a bit spicy. It has a light flavor of cloves and is easy to sip.
Get Hydrated® - Herb Tea for Refreshment
Get Hydrated Tea (Herb Tea for Refreshment) offers citrus notes of fruity hibiscus, black limon (dried lime) and black currant. This tea helps boost levels of rehydration and refreshment and is full of antioxidants and electrolytes. Ideal for hiking, surfing, bikram yoga and running.
  • This tea was very light in flavor and was refreshing. It has a fruity flavor which I think would be enjoyed by many people.
Get Restored™ - Herb Tea for Recovery
Get Restored Tea (Herb Tea for Recovery) offers notes of caramel and coconut sweetened by dates. This tea, abundant in antioxidants, helps recovery by rebalancing acidity, increasing oxygenation and helps protect from toxin absorption. Ideal after any physical activity and/or at the end of the day.

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